🌈 caterpillars day 5

Look who has found the caterpillars!! It’s Carlos. He’s having a good look. Be gentle Carlos!

When I asked Carlos what he thought the caterpillars were he wasn’t sure what they were, but he managed to describe them to me. How would you describe the caterpillars? Think about what they look like, what colour are they, are they long or short? How do they move?

Maybe Carlos would like to draw a picture of the caterpillars.

Here’s a close up photograph in case you’d like to draw them too.

Don’t forget to draw your caterpillars diary….

The caterpillars seem to like crawling to the top of the pot. I wonder what they’re doing up there. I wonder if they’re getting ready to spin their chrysalis.

I hope we get to see that happen but just in case we miss it here’s a link to a film of a caterpillar changing into a chrysalis


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