Sending Emails

Dear parents/carers,

As we return to school, parents understandably have many questions about a wide variety of topics. We wanted to clarify the most efficient way of getting an answer to these enquiries. We are attempting to reduce the volume of emails being sent to the main office as they cannot possibly have all the answers, particularly to class related questions. This, combined with the high number of emails being received, is leading to us being concerned that our families will not be getting the answers they need within an acceptable timeframe.

Below are the best email addresses for a variety of enquiries – the examples given are a best fit and cannot cover every eventuality, please use them as guides.

For the time being, the main office will still be available by appointment only. Please use one of the following email addresses:

General class/learning related enquiries:

Questions about curriculum, home learning, PE kits etc should be sent to the email address that corresponds to your child’s year group:

Nursery –

Reception/Year 1 –

Years 2 & 3 –

Years 4, 5 & 6 –

These email addresses will be checked weekly.


For questions regarding inclusion and Special Educational Needs, email the following address:

This address will be checked daily and a response sent within 3 days of receipt.

We would ask you not to contact staff members directly, teachers will not respond to emails that are not sent to one of the addresses listed here.

If you feel your enquiry is urgent then please send to the main email address:

Please think carefully about where to send your email as it will allow us to get the most accurate information back to you.

Knowledge is Power!

Check out this amazing video made by a Year 5 child after they had seen the knowledge organiser for their current topic!

A really good example of how we hope the children across the school will use the information within the knowledge organisers to extend their topic learning.

Have a look at the Y5 Knowledge Organiser and then watch the amazing video to see how they are related.

Year 5 @ 3pm

Have you ever wondered what happens in a school 20 minutes for the end of the day? Some people might assume that this is the time the children start winding down…

Not here! Having been around the school this afternoon, there was nothing but classes and children still engrossed in their learning.

Year 5 were finding out about Rube Goldberg, working on spelling and responding to personalised feedback from their teacher… strewth!!

Year 5 in action…

Pick me!!!

Walking around the school today, it has been lovely to hear the classes all getting engrossed in their learning and to see the children and teachers doing what they each do best.

Year 5 are hard at work in their English and maths lessons, making sure that the remote learning they did over the past 8 weeks gets built and moves them all forwards.

Loads of lovely learning opportunities in Blume building , with the whole of the year group in the same place now.

Year 5 have arrived!

Hello – there was a palpable sense of relief as the gates opened across the school site this morning. For many of the children, this was the first day in school for over 8 weeks.

The school sounds – and feels – like a very happy place and any signs of anxiety seem to have evaporated during the course of the day. Mr. Absolom has zipped around the school to capture a few photos of each year group hard at work!

Year 5 Gallery

Hi Year 5 and welcome to your new year group blog. Over the coming weeks we are going to be posting updates on the wonderful worlds of Coral, Marine and Estuary classes.

We are really looking forwards to being able to share some insights into what you are doing in class. This is especially important as the majority of you have just spent 8 weeks with your adults as class teacher – we’re sure they will want to check that you are keeping up the hardwork!!

The teachers are busily organising the classrooms and planning for your returns to school on Monday (8th March). Until then we have made a little gallery of a selection of the work completed by the home schoolers out there. Have a look and see what you think:

Please remember this just a small sample of all the wonderful work that has been sent in over the past 8(!) weeks. Try to view it as a celebration of the collective effort and not become disheartened if an individual (or individual piece of work) is not represented.