🌈 Butterfly update

Well it’s been a whole week since the chrysalids formed, and yesterday was a very exciting day as 2 of our butterflies have hatched. Can you work out how many are still chrysalids? Remember there were 5 caterpillars at the beginning.

I’ve given them some flowers, and apples and I made a sugary nectar solution for the butterflies to feed on. The flowers are called buddleia and you will see purple buddleia growing everywhere at this time of year. Buddleia is also known as butterfly bush!

Now I’ve got to wait patiently for the other butterflies to hatch. I read that the chrysalids go dark before the butterflies hatch out. I wonder which one will hatch first.

Need a Little Help?

These are difficult times for everybody. However, if you are finding the financial strain a challenge, you may qualify for support from Lewisham Council.


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Coronavirus – Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are receiving a growing number of enquiries regarding the situation with Covid-19, Coronavirus. We can assure you that we are following all the advice we receive to the letter. We have raised the profile of handwashing in assemblies, are ensuring the handwashing facilities are regularly restocked, etc.

As a school, we receive daily updates from Public Health England. We will keep all parents/carers informed regarding any changes in status as and when they happen. As such, can we please ask that should you have an enquiry that you, in the first instance, check 0n the NHS website, before taking up valuable office time with general enquiries that can be answered elsewhere. Thanks