Second Webinar, 10th July 4pm

We are very excited to announce that Edmund Waller’s second webinar, will be available to view at 4pm today, 10th July 2020.

The recording can be found here, and can be viewed at any time after 4pm:

If the video does not appear embedded above, please try this link:

After watching, we would appreciate your feedback on the form below:

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Edmund Waller Senior Leadership Team

Missed the First Webinar?

Thank you to all the people who tuned in for our First Webinarl, last week. This was hosted by the Senior Leadership Team and the Chair of Governors, and was intended to offer a school response to the uncertainty around the ‘Wider Opening of Schools’.

If you were unable to access the webinar on the day, you may use the links below to view a recording of the session

Topic: Parent Webinar – Wider Opening of Schools
Start Time : Jun 30, 2020 15:56 *PLEASE NOTE – the webinar content does not start until around the 16:30pm mark*

Password: 1Z%90=^V

*Note this link will NOT allow access to the second webinar -10th July 2020*

Joining in the Online Summer Celebration (guide tracks now added)

As you will know by now, our usual Summer Celebration will be replaced by an online event – a way of connecting at the end of the year and wishing each other a healthy, happy summer.

The Idea

Amongst some other items, we are aiming to create something like this for each year group:

Your child’s year group will have a song and hopefully, they will have learned it at home and during Zoom rehearsals.

We hope that lots of you will take part. Below you can view, play and download the lyrics and guide tracks for your child’s year group. At the bottom of the table, you can find the whole school songs.

Guide Tracks and Lyrics

Year GroupLyricsGuide Track
Rec Space Oddity Lyrics Space Oddity (guide)
Year 1Dinosaur Song LyricsDinosaur Song (guide)
Year 2Fire! Songs Lyrics Fire! Songs (guide)
Year 3In the Mood Lyrics In the Mood (guide)
Year 4Let Me Take You To Rio Lyrics

Samba Players’ Information
Let Me Take You To Rio (guide)
Year 5Hail Caesar! Lyrics
(children sing the whole thing)
Hail Caesar! (guide)
(children sing the whole thing)
Year 6Walk Like an Egyptian LyricsWalk Like an Egyptian (guide)
ALL ClassesI’m Coming Out Lyrics
Dance your socks off – you and your children!
Space Oddity Lyrics
I’m Coming Out (guide)
Dance your socks off – you and your children!
Space Oddity (guide)

For this to work, we need you to capture your child’s performance at home, and then send it to us. We will then combine the recordings from each year group.


We encourage children to have as much fun as possible creating the videos, dressing up, singing, dancing. Make it enjoyable. There is no pressure to sound perfect. Teachers will have given guidance in home learning.

Playing and Recording

  1. Download and play the guide track above for you child’s year group on one device (device A), making sure your child knows the song.
  2. Find a quiet place with good light to make the recording.
  3. Use a separate device (device B) to record the performance. This should be whichever device has the best camera.
  4. In order to sing in time and in tune, your child will need to hear the music playing from device A through earphones while they perform.

The resulting video should not include the backing music.

Tip: Record close to your child to avoid having too much echo in the room. This tends to improve the overall sound.

If your child’s performance includes dance, it may be best to record an audio/sound file (voice note) separately. Please send both files in the same way.

Naming Videos (very important)

Please rename your files before sending (ChildName_class_song). It will really help the editing process.





Due to the large size of video files, you may need to use a service such as WeTransfer, Gdrive,  OneDrive or Dropbox. If you have problems with sending your video, it would be very helpful to us if you would ask friends for support, only contacting the school as a last resort.

If you are able to choose the subject line of the email you send, please include the same information as the file name.

Please send files by Sunday 28th June to:

The above email address is a shared mailbox which will be monitored for submissions only.

The Event – 7pm, Monday 20th July

The event will be a live, free, publicly viewable stream on the internet. Feel free to invite family and friends to watch. The link to the stream will be shared nearer the time and will be posted on the school website.

NB: We will treat your sending of video and audio files as consent to use your child’s image and performance in this way. For this reason, we ask that you send the file from your own email account, and not that of your child.

Join us for Monday Morning Singing Assembly!

We will resume Monday morning singing on Monday 15th June using the existing invitations sent earlier in the term. We hope you can join us. For those who have not taken part before, details are below.

Key Stage 1 (Rec, 1 & 2): 9:40am – 9:55am

Key Stage 2 (years 3, 4,5 & 6): 10:30am – 10:45am

We will be using an online meeting platform called Zoom. If you want to join in, but have never used Zoom before, we suggest you download it in advance by clicking on the invitations when they arrive.

Meeting invitations will be resent to parents by email. If you have not been receiving the weekly newsletter by email, you may need to update your contact details with the office.

Notes for those participating:

  • Please do not share the link outside of Edmund Waller
  • If you can, please rename your ID to your child’s FIRST name only.
  • Please keep video ON. The whole point is to see each other, and it helps us to check who is online. Adults unaccompanied by a child, and those we cannot identify, will be removed.
  • Bearing in mind that you can be seen, remember to let other people in the house know that the camera is on. This should avoid any embarrassing surprises.
  • To help us start on time, please log on a few minutes before the start so we can admit everyone together. The meeting will be locked to new participants soon after it has begun

Looking forward to seeing you!

Black Lives Matter – Opening a Dialogue

Please follow the link below for a statement of solidarity from the current Lewisham mayor, Damien Egan, is response to the events that have taken place since the murder of George Floyd on 25th May 2020.

The following article may also be helpful in helping manage important conversations with your child: