Sending Emails

Dear parents/carers,

As we return to school, parents understandably have many questions about a wide variety of topics. We wanted to clarify the most efficient way of getting an answer to these enquiries. We are attempting to reduce the volume of emails being sent to the main office as they cannot possibly have all the answers, particularly to class related questions. This, combined with the high number of emails being received, is leading to us being concerned that our families will not be getting the answers they need within an acceptable timeframe.

Below are the best email addresses for a variety of enquiries – the examples given are a best fit and cannot cover every eventuality, please use them as guides.

For the time being, the main office will still be available by appointment only. Please use one of the following email addresses:

General class/learning related enquiries:

Questions about curriculum, home learning, PE kits etc should be sent to the email address that corresponds to your child’s year group:

Nursery –

Reception/Year 1 –

Years 2 & 3 –

Years 4, 5 & 6 –

These email addresses will be checked weekly.


For questions regarding inclusion and Special Educational Needs, email the following address:

This address will be checked daily and a response sent within 3 days of receipt.

We would ask you not to contact staff members directly, teachers will not respond to emails that are not sent to one of the addresses listed here.

If you feel your enquiry is urgent then please send to the main email address:

Please think carefully about where to send your email as it will allow us to get the most accurate information back to you.

Under the sea drama workshop

We had a perform drama workshop with Sarah on Wednesday in Lloyd Hall. We thought about all the different creatures we might see under the sea and moved like them. Then we put on our diving gear and we got ready to swim. While we were swimming we met Dolly the dolphin who told us about the lost pearl that the deep sea creature took to the Arctic bottom. We hunted for the magic pearl and then we made a wish on it. I wonder what everyone wished for?

Errol’s Garden

All of the nursery and reception children watched a production of Errols Garden by the Golden Toad theatre company at school today. There was lots of songs and dancing too. We found out all about how Errol and his sister Tia created a garden on the roof of their flats and all their neighbours helped. All the children and the adults agreed it was a brilliant show.

Here is a link to a trailer and activity for the show…..

Dressin’ Up for the day

Today is a school wide dressing up day! The children have really gone for it and look fantastic. We are raising much needed cash for school funds – you can still make a donation online or to the collection buckets. There will be a collection on each gate this evening and more photos uploaded after school.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in getting the children ready for today.

Reception on the hunt…

The reception classes took full advantage of the green spaces around school AND Mr. Hudson’s expertise as they went off hunting minibeasts and crawly critters…

The two classes left no stone unturned as they explored the wide range of wildlife that can be found across the school’s impressive range of garden and flowerbed spaces.

Mr. Hudson was on hand to help the children find the creepiest crawliest bugs!

Reception are Back!

The children in Forest & Woodland classes had a great first week back and showed little signs of any anxiety about settling into the routines and rhythms of the school day.

The children have enjoyed finding their way back into learning habits and have explored the whole of their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Maths outside! Find that number on the floor…

We will bring you some more updates this week.

Back into the swing of things…

Dear parents/carers,

There was a palpable sense of relief as the gates opened across the school site this morning. For many of the children, this was the first day in school for over 8 weeks.

The school sounds and feels like a very happy place and any signs of anxiety seem to have evaporated during the course of the day. Mr Absolom has zipped around the school to capture a few photos of each year group in-situ!

Reception Gallery

Welcome to the Reception Blog. As we all come back to school together, we will be using this blog to keep you updated on what the children are getting up to in class.

As this is all a bit new to us, please bear with us as we experiment with ways of capturing the magic that happens each day in Woodland and Forest classes.

As a start, we have put together a small gallery of some of the work submitted by the children who have not been in school over the last few weeks.

Please remember this just a small sample of all the fantastic work that has been sent in over the past 8(!) weeks. Try to view it as a celebration of the collective effort and not become disheartened if an individual, or a particular piece of work, is not represented.