Making Easter Nests

Today there was a delicious smell of chocolate at nursery as we made Easter nests. We used milk chocolate and shredded wheat. The children had to crumble the shredded wheat and snap the chocolate. During this activity we found out all about chocolate and what happens to it when you heat it up.

After we counted out the cake cases we shared the mixture out and then we used our knowledge of counting to count out 4 mini eggs from a larger amount. Finally we placed an Easter chick on top and put them in the fridge to set. Yum yum

Excitement at the school gate

Today, there was a noisy visitor outside our gate. Some workmen were chopping down a big poplar tree and the children watched and listened as the noisy chipper cut the branches up into tiny pieces.

We also listened to the sound of the chainsaws and we watched as the large pieces of trunk were loaded onto the truck. One of the children commented that it sounded like thunder.

Planting seeds

We’re really excited about the arrival of spring, especially as it means we can really get going with our topic “the great outdoors”. Soon we will have a new raised bed so that the children can grow lots of healthy vegetables. In preparation for this we have been busy planting seeds. So far we have planted peas, runner beans, courgettes, broad beans and tomatoes. We’ve been talking lots about eating vegetables and keeping healthy. Plus Theres been lots of opportunities to count out amounts and to develop ideas about sharing equally.

Building a wormery

The children love gathering worms at nursery. Often finding worms is like finding treasure and the children know they were they can find them in the nursery garden. Our activity of building a wormery was relatively straightforward, and resulted in a lovely home for some of our garden earthworms. We added sand and soil and then some organic material. We put six worms in and we will spend the week observing them before we release them back into the garden.