Bird seed cakes

Because it’s starting to get colder and there are no berries for the birds we decided to open up conversations about winter and wildlife by making seed cakes. We love to watch the birds that visit he nursery garden and hopefully the seed cakes will encourage more birds to come .

We explored the ingredients and learnt about some of the things that birds like to eat.

Then we prepared the string and the cake cases so that it would all be held together.

Next we mixed all the ingredients together and squashed it into seed cakes.

Once we had formed the cakes we put them in a cold place, the fridge and then when they were ready we hung them in the tree.

Afterwards we drew some pictures of birds that might come to our garden!

Celebrating Diwali

This week we have been finding out about Diwali. We know that Hindus people all over the world will be decorating their homes with flowers and Rangoli patterns and that Hindu people will also be visiting their temple.

We have decorated our playground with Rangoli patterns and we have made our own model of a Hindu temple. Outside we have been making clay diya pots.