I found some snails in a pot in my garden, but they were all asleep. I thought if I put them In the sunshine they might wake up so I put them in a shallow tray.

I thought about what they’d like to eat and thought I’d give them a choice… lettuce or celery!

Then I gave them their food and watched them…


Click on the link to find out more information about snails.

What would like to know about snails? πŸ€”

What do snails eat?

How fast can snails move?

Where are snails eyes?

How do snails eat?

What different types of snails are there?

This is a banded snail. What shapes can you see on its shell?

Can you draw a picture of a snail? You’ll need to look closely.

I wonder if you will find any snails outside. You could create a snail habitat.

The snails definitely like lettuce!

Happy snail 🐌 hunting 🌈

🌈 Printing

Can you find any objects around your house to print with. You could use Lego, rubbers, blue tak, stones and of course…. bottle tops. You could use paint or ink.

Children will need help to keep the shapes still and to know how much pressure to apply

You could use a pen to add some details…..

Like these fruity pictures

Or you could make a face using some shapes.

Remember to encourage your child to name the shapes as they use them. Also encourage them to talk about size using comparative language…